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Whether you are working for the first time in a community/geographical area or you are looking to renew an intervention, our team can help you collect and analyse primary and secondary information to determine the needs, vulnerabilities, priorities, and capacities of community members, individuals, and local stakeholders, as well as information on potential gaps and coordination with relevant stakeholders, in order to prevent the duplication of efforts.

We are guided by INTERNATIONAL EVALUATION PRINCIPLES and standards including objectivity, stakeholders and beneficiaries’ participation, gender sensitiveness, transparency and focus, reliability, fairness and protection of the interests of all people involved, and utility.

We are familiar with different approaches, such as outcome harvesting, most significant change, stories of change, participatory appraisals, and other participatory approaches. We combine quantitative and qualitative data in all our processes, as relevant and needed.

These are evaluation processes focused on an in-depth understanding of a unit (person or site), analysing the real impact and appropriateness of the programme, and using a combination of qualitative and quantitative data, which is complemented by the rest of the methodologies.

Experience working with donor mechanisms such as the Safe Abortion Action Fund, The Girls First Fund, Elevate Children, Stars Foundation (Impact Awards), No Lost Generation (through UNICEF), and With and For Girls Awards, among others.