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GOALT stands for Governance, Organization, Actions, Learning, Tools. 

Building on our work with numerous stakeholders around the world and authoritative diagnostic resources from different agencies, the IWORDS Consulting team has developed its own tool.

The GOALT assessment process looks into governing bodies and systems, the level of organization (policies, procedures, systems, human resources), the actions of the organization (programme and project performance, resource mobilization systems in place), the learning processes (monitoring, evaluation and participation systems, and meaningful use of information), and the use of available tools to optimize work (technology, social media, other communication tools).

Case Studies

Consultancy for comprehensive support in the process of institutional and financial strengthening

Client: Reproductive Health Education Foundation (ESAR), Oriéntame Foundation, Pro-Sexual and Reproductive Well-being Foundation (PROSER)

Year: 2019

ESAR, Oriéntame, and PROSER have contributed to guaranteeing the exercise of sexual and reproductive rights in Latin America and Colombia. Our team supported these organizations in assessing areas in need of strengthening and in developing strategic plans, business models, and a resource mobilization strategy that incorporates the diversification of financing sources, including entrepreneurship opportunities, support in the mapping of potential donors, guidance and feedback in the preparation of proposals and presentation of materials to potential partners, and facilitation and training through the use of innovative methodologies like Lego Serious Play and Canvas.

Familiarity with the requirements of donors (for calls for proposals and evaluations) such as European Commission programmes (including LIFE, DAPHNE, and other mechanisms), USAID, UNITAID, UN Trust, Grand Challenges, DFID, UN Trust Women, NORAD, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Spanish Cooperation Agency, and large private foundations, among others.