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Resource mobilization

Proposal preparation

Through participatory approaches, we promote the co-creation of results-oriented programmes and projects and of winning proposals. Our proposal preparation process often includes support in understanding donor requirements and expectations, theory of change development, partnership/team building, budgeting, gender mainstreaming, and identification of recent evidence to inform programming.

Capacity building

We offer training and continuous support opportunities for resource mobilization teams, in particular, on how to embark on the process of developing resource mobilization strategies and on how to respond to donor guidelines and expectations. 

Social enterprises

We motivate civil society organizations to explore alternative avenues to access funding. The needs are too high and too urgent in some contexts but the resources are not there. Our expert team provides advice on business planning to support the creation of social enterprises led by non-governmental organizations.


We offer support to our client organizations and initiatives on how to make the best use of new technological opportunities for resource mobilization, in particular, crowdfunding platforms. We provide technical assistance and guidance on how to prepare, launch, and manage crowdfunding campaigns that focus on funding social causes and improving the financial sustainability of civil society organizations and initiatives