IWORDS Consulting
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Are you part of a non-profit, donor agency, collective, network, or social enterprise? We are here to help you achieve your social mission.

We support human rights, development, and relief stakeholders all over the world in project design, monitoring and learning, evaluation, institutional strengthening, participatory research, and resource mobilization.

Our services



dollars mobilized on behalf of our clients


membership networks including mid-sized and small organizations operating at the regional and country-level


households reached during the application of quantitative and qualitative baseline processes

Words that describe us

To generate change by listening to all voices

To provide clients with cost-effective solutions and high-quality products

To meet your changing needs

To meet your diverse needs

To create opportunities for individuals to actively challenge gender norms

To continuously optimize our processes

To develop new skills and expertise

To respond to new contexts like the COVID-19 pandemic


Multiple youth-led evaluation and research processes conducted on topics such as girls organizing, the landscape for funding of programming for children, gender, and youth participation. 

Project design, evaluation and learning tools, research, and resource mobilization for NGOs, mutilateral actors, and networks advancing the 2030 Agenda across the globe.