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Having clear policies and procedures that guide your internal work, your relationship with donors, suppliers, and beneficiaries, and the code of conduct of staff and volunteers is essential for the smooth and transparent operation of your organizations. Our team can provide support in the revision of your current policies and procedures (including fraud prevention, safeguarding, child protection, and gender, among others) or in drafting new ones, to better respond to widespread good practices in the sector. 

Case Studies

Development of a Cost Allocation Policy

Client: Faith to Action Network

Year: 2020-2021

Faith to Action Network (F2A) is a global interfaith network focused on issues that faith actors are grappling with, including SRH and family planning, gender equality and women’s rights, and pluralism and understanding. In 2020, F2A hired our team to support the development of a Cost Allocation Policy, in the framework of the design of three different projects with different partners worldwide, in themes of gender and women’s empowerment, peacebuilding and peaceful coexistence, and SRHR. As part of the processes, the IWORDS team carried out a documentary review of the main elements to develop this policy and updated information on its reference elements (flight costs, accommodation costs, and conference costs, among others). It also produced the formulas that would allow F2A to have a reference to carry out cost operations during the development of its current projects and for its future initiatives.

Experience working with donor mechanisms such as the Safe Abortion Action Fund, The Girls First Fund, Elevate Children, Stars Foundation (Impact Awards), No Lost Generation (through UNICEF), and With and For Girls Awards, among others.