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Our team has years of experience in project and programme design on different issues of the development and humanitarian agenda. We have led and accompanied processes and we know what it takes to successfully design projects and programmes that address the needs of left-behind communities and individuals while keeping in line with organizational goals and capacities.

Theory of change

A theory of change is a comprehensive and illustrative description of how and why change is generated by a programme or intervention. It is an analytical mapping tool that explains the successive changes that need to happen during and after the implementation in order to attain the goal

Case Studies

LIFE BACPAC Project: An innovative and inspiring initiative based on the ecological model where interventions at multiple levels will influence and contribute to a climate-just society

Client: Oxfam Novib

Year: 2020

In August of 2020, Oxfam Novib requested the support of IWORDS in the preparation of a proposal for the European Commission’s LIFE Programme on Sustainable Finance. The LIFE BACPAC project proposed a comprehensive approach based on the ecological model in which interventions at multiple levels will create a lasting change and contribute to a climate-just society. Our team provided support to Oxfam Novib and other consortium partners in the design of this intervention. Through participatory calls and discussions, a theory of change was drafted to clearly identify the vision of the initiative and the expected change.

Experience working with donor mechanisms such as the Safe Abortion Action Fund, The Girls First Fund, Elevate Children, Stars Foundation (Impact Awards), No Lost Generation (through UNICEF), and With and For Girls Awards, among others.