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As a social enterprise, we are committed to supporting the implementation of gender transformative work. In all our services, we place emphasis on a gender analysis, as a critical examination of how organizations and initiatives acknowledge, understand, and transform traditional gender roles and harmful practices that are built on systemic inequalities. 

Case Studies

Global research Leaving No One Behind: barriers young women face in their communities and to support young women to shape and grow their vibrant, young-women-led movement for gender justice and social change

Client: YWCA

Year: 2019

The Young Women’s Christian Association is a movement working for the empowerment, leadership, and rights of women, young women, and girls in more than 100 countries. In 2019, the YWCA hired our team to co-develop a research methodology that would help them to undertake the world’s largest young women’s survey for and by young women. The development of this methodology included a phase of joint research with YWCA members on quantitative and qualitative participatory tools. The second phase consisted of validating these tools in order to know the perspectives and opinions of different groups of women and girls (primarily women from rural areas, with disabilities), through virtual sessions with participants from all over the world.

Multiple youth-led evaluation and research processes conducted on topics such as girls organizing, the landscape for funding of programming for children, gender, and youth participation.