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Mid-term and final evaluation

We know an integral part of any organization’s work is the evaluation of its projects and programmes as it determines the relevance, coherence, effectiveness, efficiency, sustainability, replicability, and impact of the work being done. Whether you need external evaluations required by donors or support in internal evaluation processes, our expert team can lend a helping hand. With years of evaluation experience under our belts, we are able and ready to guide your organization’s evaluation processes (mid-term/final). We want donors and organizations to see monitoring and evaluation as an opportunity to grow, learn, and innovate, and not as a test.

What guides our work on evaluation?

We are guided by INTERNATIONAL EVALUATION PRINCIPLES and standards including objectivity, stakeholders and beneficiaries’ participation, gender sensitiveness, transparency and focus, reliability, fairness and protection of the interests of all people involved, and utility.

We are familiar with different approaches, such as outcome harvesting, most significant change, stories of change, participatory appraisals, and other participatory approaches. We combine quantitative and qualitative data in all our processes, as relevant and needed.

Case Studies

Mid-term review of the Uganda Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights Umbrella Programme

Client: Frontline AIDS

Year: 2019

Frontline AIDS is a flagship organization working on the response to AIDS in the world. Between 2016 and 2021, Frontline AIDS has carried out the Uganda Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights Umbrella programme. In 2019, Frontline AIDS hired our team to develop the mid-term review of the five-year SRHR Umbrella programme. As part of the qualitative and quantitative data collection process, the IWORDS team prioritized the application of the PEER review methodology, which allows girls, boys, adolescents, and young adults to play a more active role in the process, as well as to strengthen the installed capacities of the Umbrella beneficiaries.

Experience working with donor mechanisms such as the Safe Abortion Action Fund, The Girls First Fund, Elevate Children, Stars Foundation (Impact Awards), No Lost Generation (through UNICEF), and With and For Girls Awards, among others.