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Consultancy on comprehensive support in the institutional and financial strengthening process

Guided by the principles of humanization, teamwork, development of human capacities, transparency, and good practices, ESAR, Oriéntame, and PROSER Foundations have contributed to guaranteeing the exercise of sexual and reproductive rights in Latin America and Colombia.

For its part, ESAR has implemented a comprehensive model in the region as a network and has offered opportunities for raising awareness among health professionals, creating support networks in member countries. Meanwhile, Oriéntame has developed a portfolio of services in Colombia with easy-access immediate medical and psychosocial care for women and it has built alternative programs for unwanted pregnancy and training and counseling programs. And, finally, PROSER has focused on providing tools for the well-being and sexual and reproductive health of women. ESAR, Oriéntame, and PROSER are located in Bogotá, Colombia.

The general objective of the consultancy is to offer support to these three organizations in their process of institutional and financial strengthening. This  includes support in the generation of strategic plans and business models for ESAR, Oriéntame, and PROSER (with an umbrella mission and vision) and the creation of a resource mobilization strategy which takes into account the diversification of financing sources (including the search for opportunities of entrepreneurship and generation of business plans).

Among the actions to be carried out between January and December 2020, are: internal and external documentary review (desk work), analysis of the capacities and processes of the organizations, facilitation of the strategic process, and generation of final strategic planning documents. Later, our support starts with the mapping of potential donors, guidance and feedback in the preparation of proposals and presentation materials to potential partners, and other necessary actions to contribute to the programmatic and institutional sustainability of ESAR, Oriéntame, and PROSER. 

It is important to mention that during June 2020, a crowdfunding campaign was launched on the Global Giving platform. Its objective is to raise funds for the execution of the project “Access to 2,500 menstrual cups for girls and women of Colombia during COVID-19” led by Oriéntame. In less than three weeks, we managed to collect more than 5,000 USD, thus accessing the permanent membership of this platform and its benefits. The most important one: visibility of the organizations’ projects to global donors.

The Theory of Change is the main methodology used in the definition and creation of the Strategic Plans: the delimitation of a social change allows to establish and plan a future work strategy and anticipate the possible effects of the developed actions of change. It also involves a process of evaluation and accountability of the objectives set in the long, medium, and short term. It is important to mention the participatory nature of this methodology, whose construction involves all stakeholders of an action: project formulators, evaluators, beneficiaries, donors, the community in general, among others. In the initial strategic planning process of these organizations, a face-to-face workshop was held in which the main elements of the change routes of ESAR, Oriéntame, and PROSER were defined. Within the benefits of the use of this methodology are the creation of a model that exemplifies a realistic strategy against the identified problems, a clear image of the purpose of the organization, a greater capacity for analysis and recognition of the results to be achieved, as well as the measurement indicators.

In addition to the above, other innovative methodologies such as Lego Serious Play, Canvas, and storytelling are part of the knowledge transfer and capacity building sessions of the three organizations.

We also advise ESAR, Oriéntame, and PROSER in the preparation of inputs in several languages: capability statements, material for Websites, infographics and institutional achievements, among others, making the value of their actions visible at the national and global level. Due to the customization of the services offered to each of our clients, this consultancy has also been a process of learning and strengthening internal capacities, with challenging and rewarding situations for IWORDS Consulting.


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